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Our #1 priority is
student safety and success.

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Why iXperience?

We believe the future depends on those who have deep, critical knowledge and the skills to apply it in a global context.

Our mission is to prepare students for a rapidly-changing future. We're the only study abroad program that combines immersive cultural education, high-impact skills development, and a guaranteed internship, in one summer.

Courses and internships integrated with industry.

Our programs combine coursework with internship experience so students learn high-impact skills and immediately apply them in a professional environment.

We recruit industry experts with in-depth academic backgrounds who are able to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world application. Our course content focuses on what we consider skills of the future: data, finance, design, and coding. Students learn both the theoretical foundations of these disciplines, as well as the principles and tools at the cutting-edge of these fields.

A learning environment that prepares students for a rapidly-changing career landscape.

Safety operations
driven by tech and data.

Student safety and comfort is our #1 priority. Our global operations team takes a data-driven approach to measure every aspect of our service, from accommodation and classroom incidents to health and safety responses.

We thoroughly vet every housing, classroom, and excursion provider we partner with to ensure compliance with international study abroad safety and quality standards. Our in-house legal team creates standardized contracts that protect iXperience and our students.

How iX works 24/7 to keep students healthy and safe.

Student support from multiple avenues.

Studying abroad and being away from home can be challenging, and that challenge is what often leads to some of the most transformative growth in our students' lives. But that also means that they need support in case they are struggling in class, having emotional or mental health issues, or are facing more serious adversities.

All students have access to a comprehensive ecosystem of support:

  • Trained iX staff on-the-ground are available for health and safety assistance 24/7, from the moment students land to when they leave.
  • Small class sizes mean that teachers and teaching assistants get to know students as individuals, and can provide hands-on academic help.
  • We provide an anonymous Whistleblower hotline, managed through a third party, as well as comprehensive protection under US Title IX legislation.
Glimpse into student life at iX (Cape Town edition).

Building the
future, with UVA

Building the future of education with UVA.

iXperience and the University of Virginia (UVA) are collaborating to pioneer a new paradigm of learning: a study abroad program that combines the liberal arts with high-impact skills development.

As the accredited school of record, UVA oversees our academic programs*, and our courses and instructors have been reviewed and approved by the College. All iX participants are enrolled in UVA courses during their term of study, are visiting UVA students for the duration of the program, will receive a UVA transcript upon completion, and may be eligible to earn transferable credit. (As of 2020, UVA is the #4 best public national US university, and #28 best national US university.)

* Only programs in Cape Town, Berlin, and Lisbon are affiliated with UVA.
Ian Baucom
UVA College of Arts & Sciences Dean

"The collaboration with iXperience has the potential to serve as a new model for higher education. This is a compelling way to integrate the liberal arts with skills-based learning and hands-on internship experiences in a global context."

Read UVA's press release
Gail Taleisnik
University of Michigan Parent
"Brandon said he learned more in a month than he could've imagined learning in a year at school."

Learn about Gail and Andres' decision to send Brandon—and then his younger brother Shane—to iXperience Cape Town (twice!).

A few of the companies where iX alumni have gone on to work.
How does iX measure success?

Primarily through the success and well-being of our students. We extensively survey our students during the program to get their feedback about their class, internship, and accommodation so we can make positive changes during their experience. This high-touch approach is what leads to great results:

  • 85% of students say iXperience helped them in their career.
  • 9.5/10 reviews on external sites such as
  • 50%+ of new iX students are referred by an iX alum.
Does iX support students after the program?

Building a meaningful career doesn't end after one experience, and we're committed to providing lasting value for our students. After the program, the iX Community team will provide resume / cover letter reviews, and students will be able to search our entire alumni network by university or current job, and request connections. Most iX alumni are incredibly generous people who are willing to help their fellow students out with tips or connections to industry, and this network can be huge competitive advantage during a job search. In special cases, iX even hires alumni for part-time or full-time roles!

What services does iX offer parents?

We understand that sending your child abroad can be a stressful experience, and we focus on making the journey as pleasant as possible for parents as well as students. Our admissions and operations teams regularly speak with parents to answer their questions or provide more information about our programs. In addition, you'll receive:

  • Online webinars and an information pack once your child is accepted to our program.
  • Email and phone numbers for program management staff while your child is on the program.
  • Proactive communication about emergencies and other safety information as necessary.
How do fees, aid, and payment work?

Once your child is accepted to our program, both of you will have access to our custom-built enrollment platform, on which you'll be able to pay program fees using bank transfer, Paypal, or credit card. After securing your child's spot on the program with a small, non-refundable deposit, you'll be able to pay the rest of the program fees in installments (the number of installments will depend on the program dates and the time of year).

Our program fees are city-specific, and account for the differences in our operating costs in each city. iX offers need-based financial aid and has a need-blind admissions policy, which means we don't consider an applicant's financial situation when making their admissions decision—we decide based on the strength of an application alone. You can learn more on our program fees and financial aid page.

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