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What differentiates iXperience from other online programs?

The main reason many of our students—especially freshmen and sophomores—choose iXperience each year is because we are the only summer program that combines the three most important aspects of career acceleration: intensive learning of highly relevant material, hands-on professional experience, and community of students from top universities around the world. You'll gain proficiency in a new, in-demand skill, as well as work experience at an innovative company with clear, impactful, and measurable deliverables that you can show future employers.

It is the combination of the course, internship, and community that distinguishes us from other summer programs. But you'll find that each of the individual components is in itself of an extremely high caliber. Our educational approach is vastly different to traditional tertiary institutions, as it is very hands-on, intensive, and equips you with skills that are extremely sought out by leading and influential local and global companies.

What can I put on my resume after completing iXperience?

By the end of your summer at iXperience, you will have gained valuable, in-demand skills well-suited to enhance any resume. Whether your chosen course is supplementary to your degree or very different from it, we have no doubt it will serve to add to your employability.

On top of this, your internship will signal to prospective employers that you have gone beyond the classroom and learned to apply your new skills in the real world.

During and after the program, you'll have access to our Alumni Success and Community team, who work with students enrolled on the program and our alumni to effectively represent iXperience on their resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles.

We are committed to helping you succeed, and we will—as we have done with many of our past students—continue to give you advice and help you along your career path long after you've graduated from iX.

Have iX students been successful in their careers after the program?

Read about how iX Alumni are going on to work at some of the world's top companies—including Facebook, Microsoft, Bain, Accenture and McKinsey—and how their experience abroad gave them a significant edge in their careers:

  1. How iXperience gave me a competitive edge

  2. Interning with Bain after iXperience: A Reflection on my Time in Cape Town

  3. How iXperience helped me land an internship at Microsoft

After iX, you'll come away with proficiency in a new, in-demand skill. You'll have hands-on work experience at a company with clear, impactful and measurable deliverables that you can show future employers. You'll have integrated yourself into a growing, international network of over 1400 talented students. And, you'll have enhanced your perspective of the world from immersing yourself in an incredible and unique city and country abroad.

Can I get course credits when completing the iX Remote program?

iX Remote is not currently academically sponsored by any university.

In some cases, students have been able to petition for credit from their university departments with their iX course curriculum and/or documented internship experience. If you'd like to petition for credit transfer, check the process for your particular university and department. iXperience is happy to give support with this process, or provide any necessary supporting documentation.

The Application & Eligibility
How do I apply to iXperience and what should I expect?

You can start your application by clicking the "Apply" button at the top of your screen. Expect the application to take about an hour to complete. During the application, you’ll have the opportunity to tell us more about yourself and choose the unique course + internship combination you would like to apply for. You can change your mind at a later stage (depending on the amount of open spots in other courses), so don’t feel like your application is binding to a particular course selection.

Here's what you can expect in the application:

Step 1: Build your summer. (5 mins)

Use our application platform to choose the best course and date combination for you. Not sure what combo to pick? Don't worry – you can change your selection after submitting your application. Our Admissions Team is always here to help you with your choice.

Step 2: Write an application or do a phone interview. (30-45 mins)

Our application focuses on your behaviors, motivations, and aspirations. You can write our short application essays, or choose to schedule a phone interview with one of our Admissions Consultants if the option is available. Our advice? Just be yourself!

Step 3: Get your admissions decision.

You'll hear back from our admissions team in two to four weeks, depending on when in the year you apply. Earlier applications receive quicker decisions and preferential admission. After receiving your decision, you'll have opportunities to ask more detailed questions about the program or even put your parents and university advisors in touch.

Step 4: Secure your spot.

As spots at iXperience are limited, we encourage our admitted applicants to secure their spot in the program by paying a deposit within two weeks.

Ready to start your journey?
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When is the application deadline?

We have a number of admissions deadlines throughout the year and accept a limited number of students periodically at each deadline date until specific classes are full.

The last few applications are being considered for iX Remote. The final deadline to apply is TBA.

Even though the deadline is coming up, we encourage interested students to apply as early as possible to have the best chance of admission into their desired course. Those interested in applying for direct financial aid from iXperience are also encouraged to apply earlier to have the best chance of securing support from our financial aid fund.

Is submitting an application binding?

No, submitting an application is not binding. Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by our Admissions Team and a decision will be released – usually within two-four weeks (depending on when in the year you apply). If accepted, you will have some time to decide whether you would like to commit to iXperience by paying a deposit. Throughout the application and admissions process, you can always schedule a time to speak with someone on the Admissions Team about any questions you may have.

Is there an application fee?

No. In our mission of access and inclusivity, there is no fee to apply to iXperience.

What is the age limit for the program?

Due to the nature of our program, which mostly caters to university students, we consider applications from people between 18 and 26 years of age. This however, doesn’t necessarily mean that you currently have to be enrolled in university or college.

​As a rule of thumb, 60% of the program is composed of freshmen and sophomores, with the remaining 40% comprising juniors, seniors, MBAs and recent university graduates.

Can I apply if I'm from a university outside the US or Canada?

Absolutely! Our program is open to students from all around the world. While the majority of our students are from the US, we've received applications from students all over, including Turkey, Brazil, Singapore, South Africa, and Germany.

The global network you build while you're here is integral to the long-term success of the program. Surrounding yourself with other like-minded, motivated individuals is what drives you towards achieving your personal goals long after you've left, and gives you a great foundation of contacts on which to build and accelerate your career.

I'm not sure which course to choose. How do I know which one is right for me?

You’re not alone. Many of our students have a hard time choosing between their passions and interests, versus something they’re already exposed to or studying. We recommend thinking about it this way: what would you not have the opportunity to learn at university otherwise? If you had to fully dedicate yourself to something, what would that be?

We have career and Admissions Advisors ready to help guide you through the selection process, and answer any questions you may have. Reach out using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Should I apply earlier rather than later?

Yes. We recommend applying earlier rather than later as admissions are more competitive in later admissions cycles due to increasingly limited placement in the program. Early applicants interested in applying for direct financial aid from iXperience are also encouraged to apply early in order to have the best chance of securing support from our financial aid fund.

The last few applications are being considered for iX Remote. The final deadline to apply is TBA.

If I choose the written application, what kind of questions should I expect?

The point of the written application is to help us understand who you are and what you care about. The questions we ask have been carefully crafted to easily bring across to us who you are as a person. Aside from the basic profile and academic information, you'll answer a few short essay questions that will give us insight into your character. Once you have completed your written application, we might reach out to you to set up a phone interview.

Is there a GPA cut-off?

Yes. Your GPA needs to be above 2.75 to be considered for an iXperience program. Please contact us directly before applying if you would like to appeal for an exception.

We use your GPA to make sure you will be able to keep up with the high standards of the iX classroom. However, 90% of the application process is dedicated to getting to know you as a person. Our admissions decisions are largely based on who you are, not on how you do in tests and exams.

If accepted, how do I secure my spot in the program?

If accepted, your spot in the class is only secured once you’ve made your deposit payment. Please note, if you are granted a deposit extension due to a special circumstance, this does not mean your spot is secured, but only that you have been given an extension. Once a class is full, students accepted into that class will not be able to pay deposits. We encourage you to keep in close contact with our Admissions Team about any questions you have about the deposit or program in general – we know a committment to iXperience is a big decision, and we are here to help you along the way.

Unfortunately, you can't use any iX-granted financial aid or scholarships to pay the deposit.

The Class
Who will I be taught by?

We have a rigorous selection process for our instructors and teaching assistants and thus our teaching staff will not be finalized until a month or two before the program starts.

The teachers who deliver the courses may differ from year to year, and vary in their academic levels. However, all our teachers have two things in common: they are experts in their industries, and are inspiring mentors with a passion for their field. We place a strong emphasis on hiring the right teachers.

To get an idea of the types of teachers you will have at iXperience, have a look at the spotlights of our 2019 teachers on our blog, where we profile and interview teachers from each of our courses.

Discover more about education at iX

Hear what past iX students say about their teachers

Some more thoughts from our alumni.

"A common saying about teaching is that 'students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.' They showed they cared through their actions and effort rarely taking any free time for themselves during the day. Outside of class, without fail, they were spending time reviewing resumes, practice interviewing, or just meeting with students. I feel so much more confident about my career choice out of college and my ability to achieve that career because of them."

— Dipak Kumar on the iX '17 Management Consulting teaching team

"At iXperience, my Product Management course taught me more than the practical nuances of Business Model Canvases, Roadmaps, MVP development, and the Lean Startup method. Johann, the PM instructor, showed the nine of us in the class the value of utilizing every single minute of the day, and inspired us to do higher quality work than any of us thought possible. We all adored Johann."

— Kyra Perry on PM teacher, Johann, iX '17
What kind of learning environment does iX offer?

We believe in creating a learning environment that encourages active learning, positive thinking, and collaborative work. Courses are a combination of traditional classes, group projects, and independent exercises. We focus on helping students work together to produce portfolio projects, which are tangible projects that have applications in the real world.

What if I’m struggling during the course?

The iX curriculum is designed to push you from day one, so we fully expect that you will encounter lots of questions and even experience some difficulties along the way — that’s okay! We have several teaching assistants on duty to answer your questions and help you with difficult material. Additionally, the teaching staff organize extra workshops each week to revise complex material. The topics covered in these workshops are set by the students based on their needs.

If you come ready to work hard, we will put in all the time and energy you need to achieve incredible results.

Do I need any experience to do any of the courses?

You don't need any prior experience to take any of our online courses. The great thing about iXperience is that the diverse range of courses gives you the opportunity to try out skills and interests that you may otherwise not be exposed to. We do send pre-course work to accepted students prior to the program to help you become familiar with the course content and level of learning that happens here at iXperience.

The pre-course work will comprise of 10 – 15 hours (this depends largely on your pace) of self-taught material. There's nothing super difficult about it, so don't stress, but we highly recommend putting in the time to go through your pre-work thoroughly before you arrive. It's there to ensure everyone comes in on the same level and gets the fundamental principles under their belt. We want to hit the ground running in your first week.

How will my course be graded?

You will be graded by your Head Teacher and Teaching Assistants based on your class and internship performance. Class performance consists of home work, quizzes, class participation, a CapStone project (depending on the course), and the final project presentation, while internship performance is calculated according to internship management feedback.

What time zone will classes take place in?

All classes are scheduled to take place at a set time – 9 AM PST. You will need to keep this in mind when signing up for the iX Remote program.

What software will I need for iX Remote?

We use Zoom as our primary online learning platform, from where all classes will be taught. You will be able to join your daily lecture through shared link sent to you by your teacher.

Canvas is used as our LMS (Learning Management System) - all readings, slides and other teaching materials will be uploaded to Canvas for you to download and you will be required to upload all your assignments and projects on the platform for grading.

Additionally you will be using Slack and Workplace for any other form of communication throughout the program.

The Internship
What will I be doing during the internship component?

During your four-week learning/internship blend, you will have the opportunity to apply and develop your skills in the real world by working on a project, with continued support from our teaching team.

In order to ensure strong integration of teaching and practical deliverables, a few hours a week will be spent in the classroom learning new concepts and reviewing progress against those deliverables. This provides an exciting opportunity to positively impact a company, with the support you need to ensure maximum success.

Internship projects are structured by our respective partner companies in close collaboration with your teaching teams to ensure that the skills you learn in the classroom are the skills you’ll need in the company where you’re placed. Projects may vary from company to company and from year to year, but they’re all designed to challenge our students and help them excel professionally.

Learn more about internships at iX
Do I have to complete an iX course in order to do the internship component?

Yes. Our six-week blended programs are designed in such a way that the course and practical component are entirely integrated. It is not possible to create value for a company without first having the skills taught in the classroom.

How does the placement process work for my guaranteed internship at iX?

1. iX sources companies

During the year, our education team recruits and vets companies for our internship partner network. These companies are chosen based on their ability to provide a project at the right level, and their ability to dedicate management time to provide you and your fellow students guidance during your time at the company. We work with our partner companies to design projects that match your class's curriculum so you're able to deliver high-impact work.

2. You preference companies

When you start your iX course, your teaching team will introduce you to the available companies and project brief. You'll be given an opportunity to research the companies, evaluate the project brief, and express your placement preferences. Because our partner network and curricula evolve from year to year, we can't release a list of partner companies and project briefs before your arrival. The companies shown in our marketing materials are those we've worked with in the past.

3. Your teachers match you *

After you submit your preferences to your teachers during the program, your teachers will make the match. The matches are based on student preferences and also take into account effort and performance in class, your demonstrated ability to be a good teammate, and your company industry preferences.

* Please note the exact placement process may differ from course to course depending on the instructor.

What companies does iXperience work with?

We've partnered with over 130 companies globally, ranging from local startups, medium sized enterprises, international firms, and NGOs. Most are based in South Africa, but we may also have options for companies in other countries.

Is the internship paid?

Since students are beginners in their fields, the internships are unpaid. The internship component of the program is highly curated by our Education Team to integrate seamlessly into your course, and the experience is designed to add immense value to your learning experience and resume.

Our students also have an unusually high level of involvement. Students are given a lot of responsibility - they're expected to use their new knowledge to produce real, tangible results from their projects. This kind of experience is absolutely invaluable.

iXperience is an investment in your future, above all else. It's not just about the work experience you get. It's also about integrating yourself into a global network of other driven, innovative young people, and developing a mentality that will continue to push you towards success long after you complete the iXperience program. This is why our alumni have gone on to work at the world's leading companies, many calling their time at iXperience pivotal to their success during recruitment.

What if I don’t like my placement?

As your experience is a learning/working blend, there will be constant communication channels available to all students. Mentors, teaching staff, and the iX team are all on hand, ready to help resolve any issues as they arise in a way that encourages growth and satisfaction for both students and partner companies.

We work closely with both the students and our partner companies to provide an immersive real-world experience. We value our partner relationships, and look to strengthen these bonds by trying to solve a problem rather than running away from it.

Can I switch companies in the middle?

Due to the time limitation of the program, and because our partner companies structure projects accordingly, students are unable to switch placements halfway through.

Will I be supported during my internship experience?

Absolutely. This is what makes iXperience totally unique. During your internship, you’ll spend some time back in the classroom with your teaching team, ensuring that you’re able to meet your deliverables and that you continue building on the skills you acquired during your course.

One of the Teaching Assistants for your course will be assigned to be your mentor for the internship and will be available to support your team to ensure you are successful.

What are my working hours during the internship?

Your working hours are dependent on your company and their operating principles.

What are some of the biggest challenges faced during the internship component?

Starting a new work experience is a challenge in itself. The first couple of days are always hard when trying to find your feet in an unfamiliar environment.

Some of the challenges past students have faced are: receiving a lot of information to synthesize, having to learn new tools to get portions of your project done, receiving an open-ended project outline with little background information, minimal communication with your manager, and figuring out the best way to distribute the workload over such a short period.

Remember, challenges and constraints create the best learning experience. Knowing how to overcome challenges in the workplace makes you a more valuable employee and prepares you well to have a successful career.

The Education Team is devoted to supporting you through any challenges you may encounter to ensure you have the support needed to overcome your challenges.

Will the internship vary from company to company?

Yes, practical projects will vary from company to company, according to their needs and client requests at the time.

This not only provides an exciting opportunity to positively impact a company by exercising what you have learned, but also to gain work experience in an area that interests you. We give you exposure to a variety of different companies, so you're sure to find work that aligns with your abilities, skill set and career goals.

To get the most value out of the internship experience, we require companies to structure projects around the relevant curriculum outline as well as the student outcomes/abilities document. This guarantees that projects match the skill sets of students, meet the desired project standards, and are completed on time.

That being said, this is the real world and every experience will be structured in a different way based on how the company operates.

Financial Aid
How does financial aid at iXperience work?

iXperience has a need-blind admissions policy, which means we don't consider an applicant's financial situation when making their admissions decision. If you indicate that you'll be applying for aid in the application, you'll have the opportunity to fill out a separate financial aid application after you submit. We grant aid based on an applicant's demonstrated need, which is calculated based on their family income and a variety of other factors.

If your university has a partnership with iXperience, you will need to apply for financial aid through the university study abroad office, if you are not automatically considered.

If we are not in a financial aid partnership with your university, you may apply for aid through iXperience. Do note that if at a later date, a financial aid partnership is established between iXperience and your university, we may revoke aid granted as you then qualify with your university study abroad office.

Keep in mind, that if your deposit has been paid, your spot in the program is secured, regardless of whether your financial aid decision has been released. All financial aid decisions should be released before your deposit becomes due on the program.

If you have any questions about financial aid at iXperience, please email or use the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen and our Admissions Team will direct you to the right person.

Should I apply if my parents household income is above $100,000?

There is no official income cut-off for financial aid eligibility. Since eligibility for need-based financial aid is determined by many factors, including the family’s income, family size and number of children in college, we encourage you to apply if you are concerned about your ability to pay.

What does family household income include?

Family income includes both taxed and untaxed income. Total income is based on the Adjusted Gross Income listed on the federal tax return plus all untaxed income (ie. tax-deferred pension contributions, social security benefits, child support received, tax exempt interest). In cases of divorced or separated families, the incomes from both parents are considered in determining total family income.

Will an additional outside scholarship affect my award?

Yes, additional scholarships may affect the award given to you by iXperience. We will ask you to disclose any other awards you've received before we grant your aid.

I don't think I qualify for aid, but I'm self-funding my education. Can I still apply for financial aid?

Yes, you need to speak to the iXperience Admissions Team for possible financial aid assistance. Send us an email to or speak with us directly using the chat bubble at the bottom right of your screen.

How will my financial aid be disbursed?

If you are awarded financial aid, it will be deducted from your overall program fee.

Do you offer full financial aid or scholarships?

Unfortunately, we do not offer full financial aid scholarships. Our current financial aid and scholarship structure allows us to provide a greater degree of inclusivity than if we were to offer fewer, full scholarships.

If you're a student – although iX cannot in any way guarantee this – you might be able to source funding from your university even if we are not currently in a financial aid partnership. Some past iX students have managed to secure some form of subsidization by approaching their faculty head, study abroad office, or career advisor. We highly recommend speaking with your university advisors about any opportunities that may exist inside or outside of your university. If you apply for external funding, we will be happy to provide you with any documentation you might need.

Where can I look for additional scholarships?

If you're looking for additional funding and you're a student, we'd suggest reaching out to your university. Although we are an external program, some of our past students have secured some form of subsidization from their faculty heads or other funds on campus. We'll provide you with all the documentation you'll need for funding applications that iX may be eligible for. We've had a few students who, through their own efforts, managed to secure complete funding for the program.

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