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    Dive into the world of consulting in one powerful weekend.

    Dive into the world of consulting in one powerful weekend bootcamp.

    Live classes. Expert instructors. Skills workshops. A bootcamp certificate. No 2 days can be as impactful for your future.
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      15 hours of content

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    What do you leave with after the bootcamp?

    Holistic understanding of what consultants do and how they work.
    Learn from insiders about what it's like to work in this industry.
    A recognizable bootcamp certificate you can showcase on your resume or LinkedIn.
    Personal connections to professional consultants who are leaders in their fields.
    A network of new friends who share your professional interests.
    A year of access to a curated learning plan, put together by an industry expert, to continue your own learning at your own pace after you leave the course.
    Julia Chandonnet
    From Washington University in St Louis
    "iX helped me learn about a career path in a fast-paced and truly immersive way. The staff is engaging and cares about student well-being."

    Our Management Consulting alumni have gone on to work at

    Walk away with an understanding of core industry concepts.

    Problem-solving frameworks at Tier 1 Consulting firms.
    The most important Excel functions to consultants, and how to use them.
    Learn the steps to interviewing successfully in Management Consulting.

    Major companies today rely on outside expertise to solve their biggest problems.

    Management Consulting is the perfect career for anyone with intellectual smarts and analytical ability craving exposure to different industries before deciding their final career path – though for some, consulting is that path. People moving out of MC are in great demand in industries such as finance and banking, and are well-placed to become leaders in most organizational fields.

    Who is this bootcamp for?

    Undergrads who...

    are curious about the consulting industry before they commit to a certain path.

    Undergrads who...

    want to beef up their resume with a recognized bootcamp certificate and build a professional network.

    Recent grads or young professionals who...

    are considering a career switch into consulting and are seeking actionable advice and unique perspective.

    Meet your expert instructors and speakers.

    Erik Roberts
    • UVA 2018
    • 4+ years industry experience
    • Ex McKinsey, now Ops Manager at Cavnue
    Erik's consulting skill set represents that of his past experience – vast! As a management consultant, Erik has experience in sustainability and climate strategy, economic development and reskilling initiatives, public sector transformations, finance, government programs, corporate-style governance, direct-to-consumer strategies and digital consulting.
    Jordan Rothwell
    • UVA 2018
    • 4+ years industry experience
    • Ex Bain & Company, Now Biz Ops at Harry's, Inc.
    With experience in both analytical and client-focused roles, Jordan has gained experience across a wide array of industries, helping clients think through and solve various complex problems. Jordan is passionate about working with others to enact positive change in consulting.
    Lebogang Ponyane
    • PhD, Gordon Institute of Business Science
    • 15+ years industry experience
    • Ex McKinsey, Now CEO at GCE Private Equity
    Lebogang is an entrepreneur and investor with extensive experience working in management consulting, strategy, and private equity in Africa, Europe, and the US. As a Senior Associate with McKinsey he recruited potential management consultants and led various internal training programs, including Quants, Interviewing, and Coaching. In addition to being an extraordinary business mind, Lebogang is a dynamic and engaging teacher committed to mentoring the next generation of industry leaders.

    A jam-packed agenda

    This bootcamp is experienced live, virtually, over a weekend, in a small seminar of no more than 30 students. All times are in PT.


    Self-paced short pre-work to make the most of the program
    Receive interesting readings and videos from your instructors, which help get everyone on the same page to hit the ground running on Saturday morning. You'll also complete a short survey so that your instructors get to know a bit about you beforehand. Finish up, and get excited for a transformation career-focused weekend of learning, insight, and connection.


    9 - 10am
    Keynote talk with a prominent industry expert (with Q&A)
    Kick off with an engaging talk by Lebogang Ponyane, a veteren management consultant and private equity entrepreneur. After spending years in senior managament at McKinsey – working on projects across the world – Lebo decided he wanted to make a bigger impact in business in Africa, and started a private equity firm called Global Capital Empowerment, which supports small business growth. On the side, Lebo trains McKinsey's top consultants on techniques for interviewing new candidates.
    10:30 - 11:30am
    Problem-solving at Tier 1 Consulting Firms
    To prepare you for case interviews, we will walk through a tiered approach to problem solving (e.g., define objective/problem, break problem down into workstreams/MECE segments, assert questions, define tactical steps to begin asserting answer first solutions).
    12 - 1pm
    Preparing for the interview process: quantitative cases, open-ended cases, personal interview.
    Walk through numerous 'case-like' examples and to approach working towards a solution. This will very much be an interactive presentation, with students being asked to jump in with input as we work through the consulting problem-solving framework.
    1:30 - 2:30pm
    Wrap-up and discussion. Briefing for tomorrow
    Key take-aways from the day presented back, and an open floor for questions about the material. Your instructors will also brief you on your take-home reading assignment, which you'll do at your own pace for the rest of the afternoon.
    3 - 5pm
    Reading preparation for Day 2: case study interview process.


    9 - 10am
    Keynote talk #2 with a prominent industry expert (+Q&A)
    Another invaluable session with Lebo. We're sure you'll have more questions following Saturday's talk, so bring them along and get ready to gain months of career insight in just one hour. Lebo trains management consultants on how to interview new candidates, and will also use this session to discuss insider tips on resume, cover letter, and interviewing that you can use for your upcoming recruiting cycle.
    10:30 - 11:30am
    Hard skills - Excel
    Become familiarized with essential Excel formulas and gain confidence to go out there and search for tricks. We will walk through call + response exercises in Excel with a ready-made worksheet.
    12 - 1pm
    Preparing for the interview process: quantitative cases, open-ended cases, personal interview
    Our second day of case preparation will be geared towards practicing. You'll be assigned a partner – together you'll work on two cases with each other, and then you'll present back to the class. You'll learn proper practicing methodologies to maximize your further learning.
    1:30 - 2:30pm
    Farewell, and access key to curated Management Consulting Learning Library
    Closing notes from your instructors, awarding of bootcamp completion certificates, and access provided to your exclusive and curated learning center that you can use to continue your learning trajectory.

    Earn a certificate and showcase your work.

    You can share your Course Certificates in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.
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    Max Martin
    Yale University

    "iXperience was a one-of-a-kind learning immersion. I gained experience and knowledge in ways I never had before. I can now say that I have incredible new skills and have used what I learned to make an impact."

    Learn with other exceptional students from top universities.

    We create tight-knit online communities, which means you'll leave with a vast network—and great friends.
    Brooke Forte
    University of Michigan

    I didn't know anything about consulting before this course and now I feel like I know all the details and daily tasks of a consultant. I gained very helpful career information that I wouldn't have received otherwise.

    Tevyn Fudge
    Duke University

    This program has been one of the best experience's of my life. I'm fortunate to have been a part of a fun, helpful community that taught me so much in such a short span of time. I highly recommend the Management Consulting course for anyone who wants learn how to be an effective team member at any organization.

    Panyakorn Rakpanitmanee

    For consulting we had to to be able to analyze data like a data scientist, create a PowerPoint deck like a designer, do excel modeling like a broker. For me, this aspect of the course, in addition to an awesome instructor and TAs, makes every class so enjoyable.

    Liam Collins
    University of Hong Kong

    Our teacher, Anton, created a dynamic that really inspired me to perform and to squeeze every bit of learning and enjoyment out of this course.

    Grace Brose
    Williams College

    The entire teaching team was really knowledgable and helpful.

    Dina Sokol
    Emory University

    The class has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone, but in a good way. I have worked with many different people who come from different backgrounds and experience levels.

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