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    Dive into the world of investment finance in one powerful weekend.

    Dive into the world of investment finance in one powerful weekend bootcamp.

    Live classes. Expert instructors. Skills workshops. A bootcamp certificate. No 2 days can be as impactful for your future.
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      15 hours of content

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    What do you leave with after the bootcamp?

    Holistic understanding of what investors do and how they work.
    Learn from insiders about what it's like to work in this industry.
    A recognizable bootcamp certificate you can showcase on your resume or LinkedIn.
    Personal connections to professional investors who are leaders in their fields.
    A network of new friends who share your professional interests.
    A year of access to a curated learning plan, put together by an industry expert, to continue your own learning at your own pace after you leave the course.
    Braden Casady, iX Alum
    Now working at Goldman Sachs
    "From the people to the classes, I've never learned so much in such a short amount of time. iX also has prepared me for the upcoming interview process and I feel confident and ready to succeed."

    Our Investment Finance alumni have gone on to work at

    Level up with key learning outcomes.

    Understand the principles of time value of money, and perform basic present value / future value computations in Excel.
    Identify/recognise/interpret income statement line items and balance sheet components, and conduct basic ratio analysis.
    Understand the main buildup of a DCF and how assumptions change this valuation, be able to identify potential flaws with the model.
    A high level understanding of the investment management space and how to think about various asset classes.
    Understand portfolio management and how to create a custom asset allocation based on inputs that change from investor to investor.
    Have a better sense of the markets, industry jargon, and how to invest personally.

    Investment bankers are the all-stars of the finance world.

    How do you analyze a company’s financial reports? How do you compile a portfolio of investments for maximum return? What investments will give you the best return for the least risk? How can you evaluate financial decisions when conditions are constantly changing? These are the essential questions of the finance industry – and they are intimately related to the lives we lead and the world we live in.

    Who is this bootcamp for?

    Undergrads who...

    are curious about the finance industry before they commit to a certain path.

    Undergrads who...

    want to beef up their resume with a recognized bootcamp certificate and build a professional network.

    Recent grads or young professionals who...

    are considering a career switch into finance and are seeking actionable advice and unique perspective.

    Meet your expert instructors and speakers.

    Amy Wilson
    • Master's of Commerce (Financial Management), Business/Commerce, General, 2020
    • Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), 2015
    • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Finance and Accounting, 2014
    • 2+ years industry experience
    • Currently, Amy is a Chartered Accountant, SAICA CA(SA) and the co-founder of The Tax Studio and Teaching Assistant on iXperience Venture Capital and Private Equity course.
    Amy is a Chartered Accountant, SAICA CA(SA) and the co-founder of The Tax Studio and Teaching Assistant on iXperience Venture Capital and Private Equity course. She worked at Deloitte in South Africa for 2 years after which she went back to The University of Cape Town (UCT) to complete her Master’s Degree in Financial Management.
    Othalia Doe-Bruce
    • Master of Business Administration (MBA), Finance, Bachelor of Sciences (BS), Finance and Investments
    • 10+ years industry experience
    • Currently, Founder InnovFin Consulting Inc., Committee Member at SCC, Canada and Founder & President of The Innovative Financier
    Othalia is the founder of InnovFin Consulting Inc., a consulting and advisory firm helping finance companies leverage innovative technologies. With Blockchain at the core of her strategies, she assists them in cutting costs, generating revenue and accessing finance. In 2018, she founded The Innovative Financier (TIF) a community of 600+ strong members that raises awareness on emerging tech to help individuals identify opportunities in the new digital economy. TIF raises funds for charities such as The Salvation Army, PAWS and Film4Peace.
    Leon van der Vyver
    • Bcom International Business, MS Candidate
    • 3+ years industry experience
    • Lecturer at iXperience
    Leon is the former owner at Vyver Brands and is currently completing his masters degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, at Vlerick Business School in Belgium. Leon brings a keen knowledge of the startup, development, and finance space to the team. His work in South Africa, The Netherlands, Belgium, and the US, gives him a rare global perspective on investment finance.

    A jam-packed agenda

    This bootcamp is experienced live, virtually, over a weekend, in a small seminar of no more than 30 students. All times are in PT.


    2-3 hours of self-paced short pre-work.
    Receive interesting readings and videos from your instructors, which help get everyone on the same page to hit the ground running on Saturday morning. You'll also complete a short survey so that your instructors get to know a bit about you beforehand. Finish up, and get excited for a transformation career-focused weekend of learning, insight, and connection.


    9am - 10am
    Keynote talk with a prominent industry expert (+Q&A)
    Kick-off with an engaging talk by Othalia Doe-Bruce, a seasoned investment specialist and Blockchain Entrepreneur/Advisor. In her decade-long finance career, Othalia has taught investment banking and focuses on advancing Blockchain adoption. She has worked at Fortune 500 Investment Management Firms, and today is the founder and CEO of InnovFin Consulting Inc. and Committee Member of the SCC (Canada). Othalia is excited to share secrets and actionable insights that few know about the industry, and will answer your questions live.
    10:30 - 11:30am
    Interactive workshop: Income statements, balance sheets and AFS
    • Using real-world companies, go through the most relevant sections of financial statements and learn what each section represents.
    • Discuss the role of accounting standards in modern finance fields.
    • In breakout rooms, compare the most recent financial statements of two companies (for example - Walmart and Google) and report back on why they are different/similar.
    • Use an Excel template to compute basic ratios and learn how to interpret them.
    12pm - 1pm
    Interactive workshop: Time Value of Money, DCF
    • Using an Excel model, understand the inputs and assumptions required for a DCF valuation model.
    • Understand the concept of interest and compounding, and learn how the value of a dollar differs based on the time horizon.
    • In breakout rooms, value two different companies using the DCF model and compare the results with the class. By using stable and high-growth firms as case studies, the limitations of DCF valuation will become apparent.
    • Compare the DCF valuation with other valuation techniques.
    1:30pm - 2:30pm
    Wrap-up and discussion + briefing for tomorrow
    Key take-aways from the day presented back, and an open floor for questions about the material. Your instructors will also brief you on your take-home assignment, which you'll do at your own pace for the rest of the afternoon.
    3pm - 5pm
    Self-paced: Take-home investment finance assignment
    Receive and work on your “Investor Drill” take home assignment, which will prepare you to start thinking critically about the Day 2 session. Work done in this assignment could become a portfolio item later on.


    9 - 10am
    Keynote talk #2 with a prominent industry expert (+Q&A)
    Another invaluable session with Othalia. We're sure you'll have more questions following Saturday's talk, so bring them along and get ready to gain months of career insight in just one hour. Othalia will also use this session to discuss resume, cover letter, and interview tips that you can use for your upcoming recruiting cycle.
    10:30 - 11:30am
    Interactive workshop: Introduction to Asset & Private Wealth Management
    • Gain a broad overview of this industry and discuss asset vs. private wealth management. Grasp key industry trends and jargon.
    • What are asset classes, their correlations, risk / return profiles and how they complement each other in a diversified portfolio.
    • In breakout rooms, approach a series of critical thinking questions and real-world scenarios.
    • Learn quick-win “life hacks” in terms of personal investing and retirement planning.
    12 - 1pm
    Interactive workshop: Introduction to Investment / Portfolio Management
    • Learn the foundation for how to determine a client’s risk profile, investment needs, goals, and tactical and strategic asset allocation.
    • Learn frameworks for portfolio construction, execution, and evaluation.
    • In breakout rooms, run through a hypothetical scenario analysis and investment plan for an ultra-high net worth individual or family.
    • Discuss different investment scenarios and how each investor has unique needs when it comes to their financial picture.
    1:30 - 2pm
    Farewell, and access key to curated Investment Finance Learning Library
    Closing notes from your instructors, awarding of bootcamp completion certificates, and access provided to your exclusive and curated learning center that you can use to continue your learning trajectory.

    Earn a certificate and showcase your work.

    You can share your Course Certificates in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.
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    Max Martin
    Yale University

    "iXperience was a one-of-a-kind learning immersion. I gained experience and knowledge in ways I never had before. I can now say that I have incredible new skills and have used what I learned to make an impact."

    Learn with other exceptional students from top universities.

    We create tight-knit online communities, which means you'll leave with a vast network—and great friends.
    Jonas Echeandia
    Williams College

    This course definitely helped me spark my interest in finance. I started off not knowing much about finance but now I have a solid vocabulary and understanding of the basics.

    Teresa Xu
    Vanderbilt University

    It was a fast-paced and welcoming experience - I felt welcomed by the teaching team and other students, and I was supported in my learning. It was great to meet students from other schools as well.

    Camryn Okere
    Washington University in St Louis

    What makes iXperience so special is that it allows you to try new things without the fear of judgement, failure, or not getting a good grade.

    Eddie Wu
    Swarthmore College

    The Investment Finance course was such an engaging and challenging experience, thanks to our amazing teacher. Be prepared to have so much fun and learn so much at the same time.

    Kyle Jacobs
    Brandeis University

    In Investment Finance, I’m learning valuable skills for a career in finance-related fields without just being thrown in the deep end and trying to figure it out for myself at a conventional internship or even a job. This is a life-changing experience which is a great start to building your career. The classroom experience has taught me necessary skills for my career goals.

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