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Embark on a journey of accelerated personal and professional growth.
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Learn high-demand skills from industry experts
Intensive coursework that is aligned with best-practices in high-growth industries.
A practical, project-based style of learning that encourages collaboration and lots of practice.
Small class sizes (< 30 people) to foster individualized relationships with teachers.
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Boost your resume with an internship abroad
Internship projects allow you to apply your classroom learning to drive value immediately.
You'll leave with a portfolio of work that will help you stand out to future employers.
We'll also teach you cross-cultural professional skills for a globalized workplace.
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Connect meaningfully with an incredible city
Coursework and local experiences will help you engage with a new culture.
Our strong community means you'll make good friends quickly and easily.
You'll leave your comfort zone behind, and grow your sense of independence.
Matthew biggins
Matthew Biggins, iX Alum, University of Notre Dame
Landed a job as a Consultant at Accenture Digital
"iX was the first thing employers asked about during interviews. No experience compares to the ability to learn a completely new skill and deliver multiple complex projects. On the job, iX has been incredibly useful. Most of the analytics work I do today is based off of what I learned while at iX."

A high-impact career starts here.

We align our course-internship programs with booming industries, and teach concepts, skills, and tools that you can apply immediately.


Technology is changing faster than ever, and powering the world's greatest innovations. Take your ability to build and analyze tech products to the next level.


It's never been easier to start your own business, or have impact early in your career at a fast-moving company. Our business programs break through the noise and give you hands-on experience in cutting-edge industries.


Design and creativity lie at the core of our technological future. At iX, you'll go beyond artistic principles and gain the skills to bring your creativity to life.

Join a global alumni community.

Learn—and become great friends—with some of the most driven, talented, kind students on Earth. Connect with our vast global alumni network, full of people making waves in industry.


students have completed an iX program at one of our global locations.


4-year home universities represented in our alumni community.
Hear what they had to say about the iX impact.
Cameron cross
Cameron, iX 2014
Now: Consultant at Bain & Co.

Reflecting on my recent interview experiences, I can point to 3 major reasons that iX is beneficial to aspiring young professionals of almost any career: You have the chance to learn and live a remarkably productive and healthy lifestyle; you will craft uniquely interesting and memorable stories for interviews; you will learn from brilliant and talented students, lecturers, and staff.

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Alex tenn
Alex, iX 2014
Now: Analyst at BlackRock

iX encouraged me to brainstorm an app to address a problem for which I had no previous background with and no operational know-how. As a mechanical engineering major at Yale, I had been exposed to technology and several programming languages but had never been encouraged to develop my own ideas into products.

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Bridget scott
Bridget, iX 2018
Now: Digital Product Management Intern at American Express

The Product Management class could not have been more personally tailored to my needs: the ideal blend of marketing, psychology, tech, art, and business. I pitched ideas, fine-tuned my public speaking skills, and developed a product up to a high-fidelity clickable wireframe. It is definitely one of the most informative and enriching classes I have taken throughout my entire academic career.

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