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in a rapidly changing world.

iXperience designs innovative summer programs that teach in-demand skills blended with internship experience, online or abroad.
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Around the world, companies are looking for skills that many college curriculums struggle to provide. This makes it harder for students to land high quality college internships, often leaving them in a challenging position. iX bridges this gap. No matter your major or year, our programs provide you with the opportunity to learn in-demand skills – from data science to finance, consulting and more – and get a guaranteed high-impact internship.

High-demand skills,
taught by industry experts.

Our courses are taught by highly qualified professionals with a passion for inspiring the future of their field. We keep our class sizes small, so you get individualized attention and build lasting relationships.

High-impact internships,
all over the world.

We'll match you with a company abroad so you can gain real-world work experience to add to your resume. But unlike other internships, we won't leave you alone: your teaching team will be there to support you every step of the way.

A global community
of exceptional people.

Every year, iX draws driven, talented students from more than 50 universities around the world. On the program, you might find your next mentor, business partner, or lifelong friend.

Matthew Biggins, iX Alum, University of Notre Dame
Landed a job as a Consultant at Accenture Digital
"iX was the first thing employers asked about during interviews. No experience compares to the ability to learn a completely new skill and deliver multiple complex projects. On the job, iX has been incredibly useful. Most of the analytics work I do today is based off of what I learned while at iX."

Jumpstart your career, online or abroad.

iX Remote
  • Six weeks this summer
  • Online course and internship
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iX Abroad
  • Six weeks abroad
  • Coursework, an internship, and excursions
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4-year home universities represented in our alumni community.
Cameron, iX 2014
Now: Consultant at Bain & Co.

Reflecting on my recent interview experiences, I can point to 3 major reasons that iX is beneficial to aspiring young professionals of almost any career: You have the chance to learn and live a remarkably productive and healthy lifestyle; you will craft uniquely interesting and memorable stories for interviews; you will learn from brilliant and talented students, lecturers, and staff.

Alex, iX 2014
Now: Analyst at BlackRock

iX encouraged me to brainstorm an app to address a problem for which I had no previous background with and no operational know-how. As a mechanical engineering major at Yale, I had been exposed to technology and several programming languages but had never been encouraged to develop my own ideas into products.

Bridget, iX 2018
Now: Digital Product Management Intern at American Express

The Product Management class could not have been more personally tailored to my needs: the ideal blend of marketing, psychology, tech, art, and business. I pitched ideas, fine-tuned my public speaking skills, and developed a product up to a high-fidelity clickable wireframe. It is definitely one of the most informative and enriching classes I have taken throughout my entire academic career.

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