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    This is iX in Oahu, Hawaii.

    From mind-blowing nature to historic landmarks, every day feels full with new discoveries.

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    Summer 2022 applications open soon.

    New global cities. New courses. A pioneering approach to learning in a post-COVID world. Be the first to know when Early Applications open.
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    Go overseas without going abroad.

    Home to Honolulu and the majority of Hawaii’s diverse population, Oahu is Hawaii's third largest island. Experience a fusion of native Hawaiian culture and that of America's mainland, all while surrounded by beautiful beaches, oceans, and mountains.

    Breathtaking adventures, every weekend.

    iX includes amazing excursions to help you make the most of your time abroad.

    Surf classes in your backyard.

    The journey from your bed to the ocean is about 15 minutes, depending on how groggy you are when you wake up. iX includes a surf lesson or two, after which you'll be good enough to practice on your own, whenever you want.

    Re-experience history at Pearl Harbor.

    Visit the site of one of the most infamous events in US History: the attack that precipitated the US entering World War II.

    Snorkel in crystal clear waters.

    Discover marine wildlife unlike anywhere else in the US. Cruise out to sea in a boat, then hang out with turtles and dolphins!

    A lifestyle that will reinvigorate your worldview.

    Intensive learning. Breathtaking experiences.
    All with a tight-knit community of passionate, driven people.

    This island just may turn you into an early riser. Since you'll be living on the beach, it's easy to start each day with a jog, surf, or a relaxing yoga session. Sleeping in...well, that's OK too.


    Grab a healthy breakfast at the iX Accommodation before a hard day's work.

    Morning - class

    iX is no holiday—class will be intense! Expect small class sizes, interactive discussions, hands-on practical projects, and a collaborative workshop style.


    Take a break to digest your new knowledge and experience the local food scene. There are quite a few local lunch spots just a few minute's walk or Uber from the accommodation.

    Afternoon - homework or internship work

    Learning at an intense pace means practice—and lots of it. We'll assign homework and out-of-class projects that will take your skill set to the next level, and challenge you to learn faster than you thought possible.


    Time to relax at last! Head to the beach for a sunset swim, surf, or beach volleyball session, or keep learning with an evening cooking or dance class.


    Oahu has a thriving restaurant scene, with a wide range of offerings. Take your pick and adventure out! Keep in mind that class is intense—make sure to get lots of rest! You'll make your parents proud.

    Take a tour of your new home.

    We are still in the process of finalizing COVID-compliant accommodation, but the information below is representative of where you'll stay.
    City-center housing
    You'll share a hostel-style room with other iX students, in the city-center, within walking distance of the beach.
    Rooms will have COVID protocols to help keep students safe.
    A hidden part of the US
    COVID-related travel restrictions are far less severe for US citizens. No visa required - just a negative COVID test.
    Fast wifi, modern infrastructure, and great security.
    Adventure-filled lifestyle
    Always things to do: hike, relax at the beach, surf, or go out and explore the city.
    Trained iXperience staff will help you with any health or safety issues 24/7, and connect you with our local network of doctors and health professionals.
    Cost of living
    Access to nearby countries
    Access to nature
    Music scene

    Summer 2022 applications open soon.

    New global cities. New courses. A pioneering approach to learning in a post-COVID world. Be the first to know when Early Applications open.
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